Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Class Expectations

What are the qualities of good teachers? of good students? of a good class?

Think about your answers before you post them. Make sure to proofread your response. Also, make sure to come back and comment upon one another's comments. Do you agree or disagree with what they are saying?


  1. some qualities of a good teacher is some one that is happy, some one who is fair to students, some one who is dependable, and some one who is there for help.
    some qualities of a good student is they are good listener, tries their hardest, does there work.
    some qualities of a good class are they are orderly, organized, quiet, friendly, and hard working.

  2. Good teachers make the class fun and educational at the same time. That way the students don’t get bored and they learn something.

  3. A good student is someone who is organized involved and attentive in class. They’re not goofing off or talking during work time.

  4. A good class is a group of students who help one another when needed; they stay organized and are directed by the teacher when needed. The students are kind and friendly to each other and courteous to the teacher.

  5. A good teachers qualities are, to have fun. They make thing that are hard seem easy. A good teacher is also one who has patience and understanding

    A good student turns in all the work on time. They participate in class when no one else does. They also help other students when the teacher is busy.

    A good class is one that is interactive with whats happening around them. They respect one another. They also help when someone ws absent or just lost.

  6. I think some qualities of a good teacher are to be kind of funny with the students, just not to be strict all of the time and I think that teachers who really connect to the kids make that student and teacher tension go away.

    A good student has some responsibilities not all of which are just about their work, they have to be respectful of the other students and teacher, they also have to set somewhat of an example for the class. They also have to try and make a good effort on all of their work and turn it in on time.

    A good class respects the teacher and participates in the activities and also asks questions but doesn't laugh or anything if someone asks a stupid question or gets an answer wrong.

  7. I think that the qualities of a good teacher knows how to make class fun. She/he are not just boring during class. He/she is able to joke around at times and have a little fun but stays on topic also. It's a big plus if they can teach in many different ways.

    The qualities of good students are happy to be in the class with the teacher because it makes class more enjoyable.They have to be willing to learn or they may just be wasting others time. Paying attention during class.

    The best qualities of a good class are cooperative so it makes it easy on the teacher.Easy to work with (not loud) because it can be very distracting. They all helpful to one another.

  8. A good teacher is one who creates a casual but challenging environment. I don't think teachers should be too strict but they should put all responsibility for books and assignments on the student.

    Good students are kids who bring supplies to class, get there on time, and adhere to the rules of the school. A good student should also be friendly and organized.

    I think that a good class is one who is respectful to each other, competitive, and respectful to their teachers.

  9. I think some good qualities of a teacher is that he or she gets along good with there students and makes class fun at the same time she or he are teaching us

    some good qualities of students or that they treat the teacher with great respect and the class

    some good qualities of a class are that it is fun a safe place and some where when poeple respect

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  11. A good teacher is a teacher that is exciting to listen to and does fun thinks with the class. That does not say the same thing over and over again and who does not make us do to much or pointless homework.

    A good student is a hard worker, listens to the teacher does homework and turns it in on time, has fun in the class, and is a good person to have in class and is not disruptive.

    A good class is one where the students can feel safe, and don’t care if they say something stupid, and who are encouraging to everyone.

  12. I think a good teacher is funny and is easy goining.The teacher is always movieing at a good pace and helps kids when they need it.

    A good stedent is and active one. They are always perpared and is never afraid to ask questions.

    A good calss is a place that kids want to be and have fun there.

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  14. I think that good qualities in teachers are to be fun with the students and be friends with all of the kids in the classes.

    A good student is someone who has fun but knows when to work hard. They are also not talkative in the class.

    A good class is a place that is welcoming to the students and has stuff to look at like posters. It also should be fun for the kids.

  15. Qualities of good teachers are they encouraging their students to do better. They would find ways to make class more exiting and be fair to all the students. They should be trustworthy and kind to everyone, but still be silly at times.
    Qualities of good students are the will pay attention, whether or not they like what is going on. They will listen to the teacher and work as hard as they can every day.
    Qualities of good classes are they are interactive.

  16. Qualities of a good teacher are they encourage their students how to do better. Also they make class fun but also a learning enviorment. Lastly thay should be nice and understanding to all students who are having troubles.
    Qualities of a good student is a student that is nice and has manners. Also a student that pays attention and does not mess around. They wiil also come in when they need help, or ask questions in class if they are cofused about something. Qualities of good classes are classes that are interactive and a good learning enviorment.

  17. Qualities of a good teacher is that he/she does everything that they can to help students learn but in fun, creative ways that challenge the students to the best of their abilities.

    Qualities of a good student is that we be respectful to everyone, answer every question the very best that we can, and have fun.

    Qualities of good classes are working together, and helping everyone

  18. Good qualities for a teeacher are realaxed but straight forward. That want to help the students and get the work done. Good students are ones that do their work but can take a break and have a good laugh, and also are diligent in their work. And good classes are ones that get the work done and help everyone else, but have a laugh while doing it.

  19. The qualities of a good teacher would be one that connects with the students and isn’t boring. Also one that is reasonable and isn’t too strict on the kids which makes us not want to be in the class.

    Qualities of a good student are one who respects others and the teacher. Another quality is paying attention so you can understand on what you are doing which makes a successful student. Also someone who always talks in the classroom is annoying and wasting our learning time.

    Some qualities on a good classroom would be one with all students participating in the classroom and wanting the same thing which is an education.

  20. I think that some qualities of a good teacher are that they make learning fun, they interact with the students on the student level, they help you learn in different ways and are supportive.

    Some qualities of a good student are that they are good listeners, they make good decisions, they pay attention, they ask questions, and they respect those around them in class.

    Qualities of a good class could be including everyone in the discussions, respect the teacher and other students and don't make fun of anyone and their questions.

  21. A good teacher is there to challenge his or her students to do their best and learn as much as possible. Class can be a lot of fun while still challenging. Teachers also need to get a class excited about a class. It is easy to learn when you want to learn.

    A good student must always try their best in everything. The smartest student doesn’t always get the best grades. The student that tries the hardest and spends his or her time wisely gets the grades.

    Qualities of a good class are they are always paying attention and ready to learn. The class is excited to learn and is respectful of others and of the teacher. A major quality of a good class is that class is always participating.

  22. Qualities of a good teacher can range from being supportive to having the attitude to teach. The most important quality of a teacher is that he/she will go the extra mile to make a learning experience excellent enough to prepare the student in the specific topic weather it be math, science, or a life lesson.

    A student that is willing to learn and has the desire to do the right thing will make a learning experience even better. If the student wants to learn you can bet on that student to succeed in the subject they are learning.

    A classroom is also very import in the learning experience. The class needs to be safe, calming, and a place were everybody feels involved.

  23. Some qualities of a good teacher are things like making a class entertaining, It seems easier to learn if you i am entertained. also kindness. I want to feel comfortable asking my teacher something or raising my voice in class,

    A good student should be one that wants to learn and wants to be challenged with knew things. Also a good student is someone who listens to not just the teacher, but anyone who is speaking.

    A good classroom is a friendly classroom. One with fun posters or cool painted walls or cool displays. Also a good classroom also should be a place where everyone feels comfortable.

  24. The good qualities of teachers I’ve had are letting me come in for help when I need it, working one on one when I do come in, having good contact with my parents, and being fairly strict. While I like all these qualities, I believe the best quality is when a teacher knows when to be strict and when to be fun. This is important because a teacher needs to be strict so that students do teir work, but the teacher needs to let students have some fun so that they are motivated to work. I also really like working one on one with a teacher because I feel like I understand the material better. Lastly, I like it when my teacher keeps my parents involved so that they can help me at home and know what is happening at school.

  25. I think that some good qualities of a good teacher are making their class enjoyable to all their students. Also to encourage their students to do their best.

    Qualities of a good student are wanting to learn and getting all his/her assignments in. Also getting involved.

    Some qualities of a good class are being respectful and polite.

  26. An important quality of a good teacher, in my opinion, would be the ability to entertain and captivate while educating. This is a good way to keep the class engrossed in what they're learning while having fun doing so. Class activities, exciting projects, and maybe even music in the classroom would all be great ideas to facilitate a new way of learning. I also believe that a teacher's willingness to be open minded and available to their students will help the class feel less stressed about getting a question wrong and more willing to participate. These are just a few of the many good qualities of a teacher.

    A good student should always be prepared
    and excited to learn. If you're not prepared then you'll fall short of the expectations, adding unnecessary stress on yourself and ultimately more work. If you're not excited to learn something that could help you for the future you'll begin to lose interest and miss out on something that could possibly change your life. Also, they should ALWAYS study and ask questions when they need help. This is a good way to learn from your mistakes and achieve your goals.

    A good classroom consist of a friendly environment with plenty to help keep you focused. For instance, wheely chairs. In a recent study on student learning behaviors, it was found that the majority of kids who were involved in an alternate activity while learning, like chewing gum, rolling back and forth in a wheely chair, or listening to music, tend to learn faster and retain more information. Remove a students focus and you remove their ability and desire to learn.

  27. Quality's of good teachers would be one that is happy and opened minded to the students opinions
    and treats every student fairly. Quality's of good students would be one that is prepared for class and is ready to learn and one that is not afraid to ask a question even if the question is obvious.
    Quality's of a good class would be clean environment and activities to help you think such as chewing gum, chairs with wheels and listening to music.

  28. Good Teacher- Create a good learning enviorment and helps/encourages the students to work. Good student- Does all their work and do what they have to do to understand when they don't. Good class- Creates a learning enviorment that makes the class fun and makes students able to connect to the subject.

  29. What are the quality’s of a good teacher? To me a good teacher is fun exiting and has lots of energy. these quality’s are important because there energy and excitement keeps the class engaged and interested in the class because no one wants to get up and come to school at 7:21 to listen to a tired crabby quite teacher. They should also help students when they need it but not constantly sit there and tell them what to do even though they already know what to do. One more quality that makes a great teacher is there flexibility in teaching methods for example they don’t use a power point to lecture every day they use all of there recourses smart boards, chalk boards, dry erase boards, projectors, text books, internet, etc.
    The quality’s of a good student are that they work hard get along with other students they keep up with the class and there assignments they are respectful to there teacher as well as there piers. they come into class ready to learn not to sit there and talk with friends.
    The quality’s of a good class are that they work together to achieve a higher understanding of English or any other subject. Piers help one another when someone doesn’t understand because the teacher is not the only one that can help.

  30. To me qualities of a good teacher are if they are in a good mood and if they can teach the class in a fun way. I think its easier for the class to learn if you are friends with the students and if the teacher is nice, fun, and funny.

    I think a good class is a class that listens to what the teacher is saying and respects the teacher. I think the class will learn more and easier if they get involved.

  31. what i look for in a teacher in a good teacher that she or he is fun and doesn't give out busy work. Busy work is homework that is meant for nothing. Another good teacher is that the class is fun and makes me exited to be there. thats what i look in a good teacher.

  32. A good quality of a teacher is that they are relaxed. If the teacher is relaxed then the student can feel relaxed too.

    A good quality of a student is that they respect their teacher and peer. If this happens then the teacher doesn't have to waste the class’s time lecturing him.

    A good quality of a class would be that they all participate. If the class participates then it will make the class more exciting because not just one kid answers all the questions.