Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What matters to Logan
What matters to me is family, friends, education, and sports.Family: Family is very important to me because they can be there to support you in anything you need and they are very supportive. They come to all your events and cheer you on and give you tips on how to get better. They also tell you what you can do to have a good life such as telling you to get a good education and things that they didn’t do when they were younger and wish they would have. They also are there for you when things in your life are going bad and you know that someone will always love you. They also pay for you all the time and make sure that you have things that you want and need for school and sports and things like that.
Friends matter because they are also can support you in your decisons and cheer you up when you are down. They can also help you understand school if you dont really know things. They are there to support you and help you because usally they will have the same thing going on as you. If you dont have anyone to talk to you can talk to your freinds and know that they wont tell anyone else. They hang out with you and give you advice on how to get better and stuff like that also they will do things with you that are bad ideas because they dont just want you to get in trouble.
Education is very important because it helps you get trough life and get a good paying job when you get older. It is very important to do good in High School so that you can get into college and learn things that are very important to having a sucessful life. Also if you are competing for a job and the people look at your resume and you wnet to college but the other person does not you will get the job because you are already educated in the profession.
Sports are very important to me because it gives me something to do and stay out of trouble. I also love football i have palyed for seven years and have learned alot and i always want to play even when i am hurt. Also when i am angry and i have a game i can tkae out on the oppenent while hitting them and it makes me feel great. Sports also help me stay in shape which is very important to me becaus i dont want to grow up and be weak and out of shape.

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