Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What Matters To Will

In my life there are many things that matter to me such as my religion, family, scouting, sports, and the outdoors. I enjoy all these things very much.

(Bottom left) Religion - I picked this picture to represent my religion because recently my brother went on a two year mission in Mozambique, Africa, and this was taken on the first day we arrived in Mozambique and saw him for the first time in two years. Religion matters greatly to me because it is what keeps me from going down the wrong path and doing bad things.

(Top right) Family - Family is the most important thing in my life. My family is very supportive of me whether it is sports, homework, or just having fun. This picture was taken of us on our safari when we went to go and pick up Matt. My family loves to joke around A LOT with each other which makes it fun to come home to them. My family enjoys going skiing, hiking, sports games, and just being together.

(Bottom right) Eagle scout - While we were in Africa I was lucky enough to do my eagle project at an orphanage there. My eagle scout project was to pack school kits with my church, then take them with us to Mozambique and give them to the orphanage. I was really glad I could do this because it made me feel great to give the orphans something they really needed, but couldn’t afford. Being an eagle scout matters to me because I helped many orphans in Africa, and I had to work really hard to earn it.

(Top left) Sports - Sports matter to me because it keeps me in tip top shape. Skiing is my favorite sport because it gives me a feeling of freedom because I can go as fast as I want and because of the vast open space of forests and snow instead of cars and buildings. I also play lacrosse and cross country which keeps me fit and sore. Sports are a very important and fun part of my life that I greatly enjoy.

(Bottom middle) Outdoors - The outdoors matter to me because it gives me a chance to get away from the city and all my worries. In the summer I love to go camping and back packing whenever possible. Two summers ago I went back packing with some of my church friends in Aspen which is where this picture is taken.

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