Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What Matters to Mateo?

Many things that matter to me in this life that are important, but one thing here is the most important. I could not live without it, that’s my family. I am the youngest of three children of my parents Patricia and Armando. This family is the best they support me in everything that I do. They also supply me with the things I need to succeed latter in life. I love them dearly because everything they do like giving me tips that I need to make me a better person or being more educated. You can’t get a better family than this and I live for them.
The next most important thing is my future racing career. It is my dream to race professionally like my favorite driver Juanpablo Montoya. He races in NASCAR and why I love him so much, is because he is from Colombia that’s where I was born and I’ve watched him all my life. I try lots to get there but it’s so hard because it’s so expensive especially in this economy. I am going to get there somehow because it’s what I’ve wanted all my whole life.
I can’t live without friends because they make life so much fun. I think your friends should be like you, so you can enjoy time with them like I do with mine. We play sports and we all like it. It could be any sport and we love it. I think that without friends life is boring because you never would have anything to do or express your feelings. To me that’s very boring because I am an active person and very social.

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