Saturday, September 5, 2009

What Matters Donaldson

What matters is a peculiar idea because it changes for each and every person based upon what is included in their lives because someone is not going to like sports if they never play sports.
First, school definitely matters to me and should matter to everyone across the world just because of what it does for you. School gives a chance to meet new people that may create best friend situations that stay in touch for the rest of their lives. Or how it gives the education to let students do whatever they want to do as a career. And allows students to find out what sports they are good at if they have never tried it before. This makes school a great place for students to plan for the future ahead of them.
Next, sports are important to the world as a whole because mankind has major competition issues so they can battle it out in a non violent way. Along with it is a good way for people to just relax and have a little fun in their lives. Also many people use it to release anger in a contact sport so that they are not so frustrated while others devote their lives to it to make a profit. As a whole sports do a lot of things for everyone in different ways and in a variety of sports.
Then, there is food which to some is just something that feeds and fuels a human and to others it is a work of art. Food is a way people can express themselves to the public like journalist write in the paper. Or for a treat someone might create an elegant breakfast lunch or dinner. Some might use it to become a creative being and make a new master piece. And above all just like most other thing like sports and education there is tons of failure that can be learned from to be perfected and give the creator just a tremendously good feeling. Food is one of a kind because of its millions of different techniques, designs, taste, and materials to use.
Last, there is family that everyone has to have to support everything that is accomplished. First, I have a sister that supports me even though I torment her all the time. Two loving supportive parents that help me through everything no matter what the situation is or what they have to do to help. And on top of it my aunt, uncles, cousins, grandparents and all other extended family is there for me just as much as my home family.As peculiar as the thought of what matters is the truth is that without things that matter to us then are life as no purpose because that is like saying that you don’t like anything.

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