Monday, September 7, 2009

What Matters to Zephen J

What Matters To Zephen J

Things that matter to me are sports, family, music, and my education. Sports are important to me because I get to compete and I enjoy them. My favorites are baseball and track. Over the summer I played on the Arapahoe summer team. The team was alright. Tait was on the summer team as well. My favorite position is 1st base. It is a very important job. When I am running track my favorite events are the relays. I love to sprint so this lets me sprint and work with a team. The fastest I have run the 100m is 12.8 seconds.

Family is imperative. Life wouldn't be as good without them. I love seeing my baby cousin. He is in the picture above. Family is important because they are always there for you when you need them. They are great supporters of anything you do.

Music is a crucial part of my life. Music helps me reduce stress and go crazy. I am a big Slipknot fan. One of the greatest experiences of my life was going to my first concert. It was KISS. I was really close to the stage so the show was fantastic. I love their music.

Finally, education matters to me. I want to have a job that I love doing when I get older. I would like to go to England for college. For now I just have to pass high school with flying colors. Those are things that matter to me.

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