Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What matters to Matt T

Sports: Sports are very important. I play sports whenever I possibly can. They keep me active, which is a very good thing for me because of my diabetes. My favorite sport is baseball. I love everything about baseball. Hitting, fielding, catching, pitching, and even umpiring and coaching. Lots of people say that baseball is boring. But if you give it a chance you will find it is exciting and entertaining.

Family: My family is very important to me. They are always there for me. When I got diabetes they were there for me. I love my family, especially my older brother. He is the biggest influence in my life. He inspires me to be a good athlete, a good student and a really cool person, like he is. I want to be like him. He always makes me work harder to be my best. He encourages me and helps me in sports, school and just life.

Friends: I love my friends. They are great. They always understand how I feel and they agree with me and help me. They are kind, fun, and most of all they care about me and are always on my side.

School: School is very important to me. Mostly because I want to be successful. I have lots of encouraging people who helped me realize that school comes first. I have family who have not finished school or who have not done well in it and are now not very successful. On the other hand I have family and friends who are successful because they did well in school.

God: The most important thing to me is God and my religion. I believe that Jesus Christ died for me and the way I repay him is by giving him my life and my devotion. I do everything to please him. And if I do something that is not my best, I feel like I am letting him down.
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