Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What matters to me:

The first thing that matters to me and that should matter to everyone is family.Family is the most important thing to have because they are always there for you and they can help you out with any problems.And without families, kids are more likely to have worse grades and they are more likely to get in trouble.

The next thing that matters to me but is also part of my family is my brother Bryan.Bryan is 17 years old and he is a senior at Arapahoe.The reason i put the marine corps symbol in my collage is because he is in the marines.Brothers are different from parents because they can relate to you better and they can understand what you are going through.

Another picture i put in my collage is of football.But not just football in general but all sports.The reasons that sports matter to me is that they take a lot of teamwork and that is nescessary if you want to succeed in the future.Also in some sports a very important trait to have is leadership.And that doesn't mean bossing people around but being able to help one another and guide each other.

I also have a picture of Chris Anderson (Birdman) not just because he is a great basketball player but for another great reason.Chris got suspended from the N.B.A for two years for the posession of an illeagal substance.He was also addicted to drugs and had to go to rehabilatation to break that habit.When his two year suspension was up,he was drafted to the Denver Nuggets.Nobody thought that Chris would make a big impact on the team but he was looking to prove everyone wrong.That season he was with the Nuggets he blocked the second most amount of shots in the N.B.A and the most amount of shots off the bench.The point i am trying to make is that Anderson didn't give up and he continued to fight on in most guys would quit.And that is why determination matters to me.

The last thing that i have up there is a picture of a paper and pencil which stands for education.Education is important because that is what is going to get you farthest in life.It starts off by getting you into college and then on.It can be the differnce of you getting a great paying job and providing for your family or working at a fast food place and struggling to pay the bills.

These are all things that matter to me the most.

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