Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What matters to me are my family, friends, and free time. My family matters because they love me. Their love is unconditional. They are always there for me and help me feel secure. They are a positive influence and help cheer me up when I am down. They also take care of me when I am sick.
My friends matter to me because they are family outside of my home. We play together and have fun, and they make me laugh , so we end up playing together more. Laughter is very important in my life because it make me feel good if I’m having a bad day and relieves stress. They also give me support when I am unsure about trying new things.
My free time matters to me because I can do what I want to do. I love to play different types of video and board games. The video games are on a variety of systems: WII, Play Station 2 and DS. Some of the board games I enjoy are monopoly and chess. However if I have a book I’ve started, I will almost always read non-stop. I also enjoy hanging out with my friends.
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