Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What Matters to Josh L.

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There are a lot of things that matter to me but I made a collage of a few of the most important ones including sports, food and family. Family, I have a couple pictures of family on this with my dad and I, my sister and I on a ride in California at Disneyland and there is a picture of some of my cousins and me with my sister. Family matters to me because they are the ones who are and always will be there for you and looking out for you, plus they are pretty fun to be around most of the time and you can just relax and be yourself because you don't have to try and impress anyone or be anything special. Sports, are a big part of my life because that's mostly all I do in my free time, I love to race mountain bikes and just ride for fun because even though you get hurt sometimes you can just hang out with all of your friends and do what you love to do, plus while your riding you forget all of the things that might be bothering you and you don't have one little ounce of stress in you when you get on the bike. In the winter I ski a lot, my favorite places to ski are A-Basin and Winterpark and I usually just ski with my family most of the time and once in a while I will go up with my friends, I like to do the terrain parks and blacks so I can challenge myself. I used to Dirt bike and play football also for a couple years and it was fun while it lasted but it wasn't really what I was looking to do so I moved on. Food and traveling, have always been interesting to me and my favorite place to travel is Long Beach California because the city is alive all night long and I think they have some of the best foot on the planet. My favorite restaurant is Famous Dave's and its a BBQ place that I first had in California and the food was so amazing that I actually convinced my dad and sister to go there twice in one day. I really want to visit Champery Switzerland and Australia or New Zealand because in Champery they have the world cup for mountain biking and its the Swiss alps and I love being in the mountain so I think that would be really cool to see and Australia and New Zealand are both really warm and tropical with beaches which I also like. A lot of things matter to me but clearly there are some that really stand out among others.

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