Wednesday, September 30, 2009

PLN SAMPLE from Eduardo

In Mr. Fisch's video "2020 vision" matters because he is showing how there will be a major transition in the future with technology.Schools,education, and the world will all change dramatically because of the technology in the future. This is related to Mr. Fisch's video "Did You Know" because it is basically showing the same ideas of incredible changes for technology around the world and how fast it is evolving, but 2020 Vision is more on how the future is going to be. This matters to the world because now that technology is evolving the future will be amazing considering how fast technology is growing. Also,this is important to people because everyone needs to be aware of the changes and to be prepared of how big our technology will evolve. Educationally,technology will have a major affect on it because it will be easier to get an education because of all the hi-tech equipment we are going to have for the students. So while technology grows,will we be able to solve many problems in our world? Will technology be able to overpower us if it gets to advanced? Overall, "2020 vision" matters because it is important to realize that growing technology Will benefit us in the future which will resolve many problems that we have in our world today.

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