Thursday, September 3, 2009

What Matters Mike T

I was approached with a question, "What matters to you?" I really didn't knew what mattered to me at that point but as i began to think about it it started to get as clear as glass. What really matters to me is my family for one because they are always there, then it would be education to help me prepare myself for the future, and football because I love the sport.
First, my family, cant live with them cant live without them, I love my family because of all the little things they do for me, like homework. It's not just cause of that though, they would do anything for me no matter what and i would do the same straight back. My family prepared me for the real world everyday and if i didn't have them I would be nowhere. Thats why i can't live with my family.
After, Grades, good things and bad things. I like school but i hate the homeowrk but i do it just like everyone else. School is so important to me because i know it effects me in the future and i plan on having a good future. Some bonuses with school is having great friends with you because then it makes school one step better.
Next, Football, what can i say, I love it. I love every waking moment of it, just being out there on the field gets my adrenaline pumping. The thing i like most about football is when you hit someone it feels like there's none just you and him, and that time has just froze I don't know how to explain it but it's my life. Great attributes to football is your teamates, being in good shape, and the girls. Teamates are there for you good or bad, while being in shape helps you for other sports, and the girls go wild for the football players( exep i haven't seen that happen yet but i'm looking forward to it) and that is why i love football.
Finally, man what can i say. what matters to me is at my fingertips and all i have to do is stay on topic. So what matters to you? Now thats the question.

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